A file splitter for the impatient


split-pl is a collection of Perl scripts for splitting large files into smaller fragments for archiving or uploading and then recombining them at the other end. It is intended to replace more cumbersome tools, such as MasterSplitter and hjsplit, and uses a clean command-line interface rather than an unwieldy and unnecessary GUI.


This is the script that the splits the file into smaller pieces. It takes the name of the file to split, and optionally the fragment size, and creates a collection of numbered fragments and a DOS batch file and Bourne shell script to put the pieces back together again.


This is the tool to reassemble files from a collection of fragments. If you use split.pl, you'll already have a shell script that will do the job for you. However, many posts on Usenet do not come with a script so you will often need this. Simply provide the name of one of the file fragments and optionally the name of the output file and join.pl will gather all of the fragments together.


This is a tool for renaming a whole group of files at the same time. When collections of files are posted to the Internet, the names will often get mangled. split-pl names fragments in such a way as to avoid name mangling but other tools do not. If you find yourself needing to rename sixty files so that you can piece them back together or run a parity checker over them, brn.pl is the tool for you: far less tedious than renaming them individually, far less error prone than using wildcards.


  • No limit to file size or the number of fragments
  • No special tools needed for dearchiving
  • Platform independent
  • No stupid message boxes telling you it's finished!


  • No compression. Use a zip tool and then split the zip file.
  • No parity checking or missing file recovery. Use a PAR tool (from here perhaps) to create a set of parity files.

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